I Miss Dancing

My job requires that I spend my days watching commercials. At worst they are un funny, at best they are still selling something.

But then I came cross this lovely piece.

It caught me unaware, so sublime amidst the sea of products and taglines and capitalism. It stirred up all the feelings I had when I could still call myself a dancer. Even though I am much older and less flexible now, even though it has been years since I’ve set foot in a dance studio, I feel no less longing for it now than I did then.

I was struck with the realization that I have now totally lost something I used to love so much.

I thought how maybe the most unfortunate part of being an adult is having to give up your hobbies, or having to pick the ones that make you money over the ones that just make you happy.

I miss dancing. Even though it’s been so long that I now get dizzy after a single pirouette and it hurts to point my toes– I still miss it. I miss moving my body to a beautiful piece of music. There is nothing like it, and I will never do it again. Yes, I could take a class here or there, but I will never again enjoy those after school hours hanging around the studio, changing from one sweaty outfit to the next, going from ballet to jazz to hip hop. I miss the simplicity of it. The cluelessness of how lucky I was.

The piece in this video is about loss and rebuilding. Since adulthood I have tried to rebuild parts of that love, with things like group exercise classes at the gym or now yoga. There is a teacher and music there, bodies exchanging energy, there is even an emotional element. But there is no story.

I miss the story. I miss dancing.

Here is the link to the creative behind the idea. I believe in giving credit.

2 thoughts on “I Miss Dancing

  1. Melissa says:

    I think you’d really like aerial arts. Let me know if you want to come take a class from me sometime!

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