Restaurant Review: LYFE KITCHEN

The depressing thing about being a working adult is that the arrival of a new lunch place near your office is about as exciting as a new guy transferring to your Junior High.

LYFE logo

Now I’m no food critic, but I thought L.Y.F.E. Kitchen deserved a shout out because it is so perfectly La La.

Every dish at L.Y.F.E. Kitchen is under 600 calories. It’s a wonderful place to eat if you want to pay $13 for a meal that will leave you starving well before your next one.

L.Y.F.E does a great job of catering to the poor dietarily restricted Angelinos who usually suffer from having to scrutinize their menu to find the few  items that are worthy to enter their bodies. They’ve got a Vegan menu, a Gluten free menu, and one for people who are W.B. (?)

Lyfe Kitchen Menus

L.Y.F.E. is an acronym for “Love Your Food EveryDay.” In my mind, that acronym would be L.Y.F.E.D., since “every day” and “everyday” are not the same word, but whatever, I’ll take off my writer goggles and enjoy the brussell sprouts.


But my favorite part about L.Y.F.E. Kitchen is the Disneyland garden in the front.

Disneyland Garden 1

I call it a Disneyland garden because while no part of me believes that any of the plants grown there are actually real or edible, it transports me to a place I want to be in. It takes “locally grown” to a whole new level, and I am willing to overpay for the emotional trickery.

Disneyland Garden 2

If you’re someone who Loves Your Food Everyday and finds yourself in the area of Culver City, I highly recommend this place for their Quinoa Crunch Wrap, Fish Tacos, and Healthy Pretentiousness.

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