On Saturday, we took our bikes down to the beach and rode up the coast.

We were not the only ones with this idea, but instead of it making me angry the way LA crowds usually do, it made me happy. That all of us decided to get up on a Saturday in January and go outside, because unlike most of the country, we can.

There were rollerbladers, surfers, skateboards, kids and dogs and old people. There was a buff guy swinging on the gymnast rings just south of the Santa Monica Pier. There were thousands of people just north of it gathered for an ultimate frisbee tournament. At one point we ran into my yoga teacher.

Eventually, we got through the crowds and up into the quiet of Malibu. We stopped to look out at the water and I wondered to Scott if that was where they got the idea for glitter.

I have whined about this city and complained about the grind, but on Saturday I found it impossible to imagine why anyone would ever live anywhere else.

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