Water At The Roots

I remember when I first realized as a little girl that in order to make a flower grow, you had to water its roots.

It didn’t make any sense.

But what about the petals? I thought. The petals are the pretty part! The part everyone sees! Surely they were the part that deserved the water.

It seems such an obvious foreshadowing of the person I became – always chasing perfection and approval, dousing my petals in so much useless water.

I care much more about my roots these days. I will say it is a much less glamorous existence.

It means going to therapy and unfollowing certain accounts and having hard conversations with difficult people. It means taking jobs I like instead of jobs I could brag about. It means accepting hints of wrinkles and trying to remember that my body is just a body.

As with any habit, my petal-watering will take time to break. But I do feel it breaking. And I feel myself starting to grow.

Water at the roots.

Water at the roots.

Water at the roots.

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